Ultramarines – The movie

Okay, so I’m fairly excited about this new movie, you’ve probably heard of it: Ultramarines – A Warhammer 40, 000 movie. If you haven’t already, why not take a look?

Looks promising to me, but as a hardcore fan of the Space Marines, I’m also prepared to be mercyless in my judgement when the movie is released on November 29. The only weaknesses i smell in the trailers are, first of all, the graphics, which are a bit varying in quality, and secondly the script. I understand that they are trying to reach a broader audience than just the diehard fans, but still I can’t help but think that some of the lines in the movie are, well, a bit unoriginal. But enough of the whining, I actually think it looks damn good, and really can’t wait for the release. Special edition for me? I think so.

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!

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