Painting: Land Raider Crusader – Part 2

After a far too long period of inactivity, I’m back with a fresh painting post. The Land Raider interior is a few steps closer to completion.

A little more detail than last time, eh? And a different paint station.

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First of all, I’ll be completely straightforward about the reason for the long delay since last post. I had an exam last week, so that, and the party that followed (at my house), sort of distracted me from painting. And so the 2-3 days I said it would take turned into, well, 9-10. But now I’m back, fit for fight and just recently finished with the latest stage of painting, take a look:

The first two pictures show you the very first layer of paint, that I actually intended to show you last time. Sort of looks like a camo pattern, huh? I’ll talk more about it further down. In the last two pictures you can see that I’ve completed the basic layer on pretty much everything that is not to remain black. The numerous metal studs are simply to be lightly “pricked” with Chainmail, but not just yet. The reason? Because accidentally wiping the paint off these studs will occur FREQUENTLY when handling the piece/model, no matter how careful you are. Leave them unpainted until you are ready to apply a layer of varnish.

Next, the lamp on top of the middle console has its basic layer of Sunburst Yellow, and will be built up by mixing in more and more Skull White. Same thing goes for the flame on the candle, but I probably won’t bother with more than one highlight here. The metal will get my “super secret” metal-wash, and then be highlighted with Chainmail. The seats are painted Dark Flesh, candles Red Gore and candle-stands Tin Bitz. These highlights will all be featured next time. By the way, any ideas of what I could paint inside the little shrine with the two candles? I guess it won’t be visible when the model is assembled, but I’m up for a challenge none the less, and a picture of the result is the only evidence I need.

Basic tips n’ tricks

About the very first layer, seen on the first pictures: You’ll see that the colour itself is uneven, but the layer is nonetheless quite smooth. This is all thanks to the paint being watered down, so even though it is a foundation paint, I will, obviously, still need another layer. Using one, thick layer will result in an uneven, rough surface. All the metallic parts have been given a layer of Boltgun Metal,  but not using a drybrush as I would on a Necron model. Some painters might be content with simply adding a highlight to this, but shading the metal using a wash of different inks will give you a much more realistic result. More on this next time.

One other thing: I’m out of town, and didn’t bring my finished miniatures, so don’t expect any additions to the model gallery until next week. My apologies people.

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!

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