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Painting: Land Raider Crusader – Part 3

In the middle of christmas shopping and reading for this semester’s last test, the Land Raider interior still gets it’s share of attention.

The interior is starting to look more realistic and habitable.

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Finally, the main wall colour is complete on all interior pieces (except the plates framing the engine in the back, I just recently discovered). And so only detail painting remains, I’m reeeeeally looking forward to a certain side-door piece that has at least 12 different screens and a host of buttons. I’ll probably be asking for some input on that when the time comes, but for the time being; why not take a quick look at my current progress?

You’ll see that I have not yet cleaned up the first piece, simply to show you how bad it looks before a good clean-up with Chaos Black and Black Ink. Otherwise, that stage of painting is finished, also on the inner side of the assault ramp (see main picture). The second piece has been through some highlights and a thorough wash of the metallics. The parts that were simply Boltgun Metal now looks much more realistic, and just a tad corroded. A highlight of Chainmail will finish the job. The altar shelf, with the candle-stands, was base-layered with Tin Bitz (see previous post) and highlighted with Brazen Brass and finally Shining Gold. Only then was the wash applied.

“But what KIND of wash are you applying, that makes the metal look so unbelievably awesome?”, I can hear you crying out (right?). Well, it’s supposed to be this big secret, but perhaps I’ll consider sharing it when my site reaches 1000 views? Or simply 10 “likes” on this post will do, I am susceptible to flattery in most known forms.

The seats were highlighted with a 2:1 mix of Dark Flesh and Bestial Brown (more highlights to come). Some blending was attempted to seamlessly merge the highlight with the basecoat, but I wasn’t all that successfull. Some more practise needed with that technique, I suppose. The lamp was highlighted by adding increasing amounts of Skull White to the mix with Sunburst Yellow. Some of this was carefully drybrushed onto the wall to increase the illusion of the lamp being lit. Same thing goes for the single burning candle. The candles themselves were highlighted with a 1:1 mix of Red Gore and Blood Red, and then simply Blood Red.

Basic tips n’ tricks

When highlighting, aim for the most protruding areas, and avoid parts that are obscured or would be in shadow from a vertical light source. Extreme highlighting means adding a very light colour (often light gray or white) to hard edges or sharply protruding objects, simply to define the edge. A basic example would be adding an extreme highlight of Mithril Silver to a metallic object where the brightest highlight is otherwise Chainmail. The brighter the final highlight – the more contrast on the object.

Next time

The next painting session will be about cleaning up the first piece, finishing the second and probably starting on the engine piece. But before that I might just toss in the first in a series of Warhammer 40, 000 game reviews, so stay tuned!

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!