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Modelling: Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad

Not to worry, the Land Raider has not been forgotten, but making sure the passengers will be ready at the same time seemed like a good idea.

So far, so good! And I guess you can spot what I've got in the background?

Since last time

While painting the Land Raider Crusader, I felt like starting on the passengers at the same time. That way the blog gets more varied posts, and I get to prove that I’m capable of multitasking! And the objects in the background of the picture? Yep, that’s right! I’ve got Forgeworld Black Templars Terminator Storm Shields!! Really looking forward to both attaching and painting them. But not all of them will belong to the Terminators. As you can see, one of them has a pair of Lightning Claws. I’ll explain more after the images:

Why did I do that?

I wanted at least one Terminator with Lightning Claws, first of all so that not all of them would have Initiative 1. To have one Terminator capable of three attacks that are all Initiative 4, ignores Armour Saves and re-roll To Hit, should be good for dealing with a larger number of foes, or a not-so-tough (but fast), multi-wound character. Also, I really wanted to spend the pair of Claws in the sprue that are longer than the others (normally meant for the Sergeant). The surplus shield will be given to a character, or modified to fit as decoration on a vehicle (the Land Raider?).

I’m quite happy with the posing so far, but my ideas will be more evident when the heads are in place. For the details I have Templar shoulder pads from the Black Templars Chapter Upgrade pack, and also some Etched Brass Black Templars Symbols from Forgeworld.

Basic tips n’ tricks

When posing, try to get some variety in the angle of the torsos. That way you’ll be able to choose arms that “match”, and together create a particular stance. When trying out different arms, don’t be too quick to glue after picking a pair. Try out different “tilts”, especially if the model is to have a weapon/shield in each arm. Think about which way the head is to face, and imagine yourself being the model. Why not try the pose yourself? If you have problems keeping your balance, you might have to re-think the pose (or get a jetpack if the model is flying). 

Next time

The Land Raider? Probably…maybe…possibly…we’ll see!

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