Painting: Land Raider Crusader – Part 5

To quote the last thing you’ll ever hear after turning your back on a presumably dead Necron Warrior, wounded with a weapon that allows armor saves:


The left side is finished, so consult earlier posts if you haven't seen it yet.

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Since last time

Alright, so this first post of 2011 is by no means a testament to what I am normally able to accomplish in a period of time as long as it has been since last time. Christmas, and all that followed, proved to distract me more than originally anticipated. But now, as stated earlier, I’m back, and itching to resume buisness. After almost going insane trying to come up with a colour system for the engine compartment, I finally managed to slap myself in the face and get started. The unfinished right side of the interior, and the assault ramp, have also been recieving some much-needed attention:

How did I do that?

Pretty much the only things new on the right interior side are the gun rack and panel screen. The rack was started with Dark Flesh, then highlighted with Graveyard Earth. One more highlight on that one, and attaching some boltguns, and it should be finished. The screen is a little more work, but putting a lot of effort into it would probably be a waste of time. The ground is so far Dark Flesh, the sky Ultramarines blue, and the road a 4:1 mix of Chaos Black and Skull White. I plan to finish the whole thing with a coat of Gloss Varnish. The engine did indeed take some time, and still there are colours missing. Also, all the metallics will be recieving my “ultra secret metal wash”. The panels will remain black, or get painted gray, I haven’t decided yet, and the Mechanicum logo will be red with a silver or golden skull. The “bulb”, which I THINK is a screen (help me out here?), will require some more thinking. It COULD be a fuel indicator, in which case I only need to discern the colour of Prometheum…

Basic tips n’ tricks

When painting engine parts, like the one described above or, for example, those of a Space Marine Bike, try to resist the temptation of simply drybrushing everything Boltgun Metal, all the while making sure not to get TOO colourful. Colours are used to make out the difference between metal and plastic, tubes and joints, actual engine parts and protective panels. Knowledge of engines is by no means necessary, simply use your imagination. After all, the 41st milennium is more like old Sovjet Russia, where panels are metal and engines are plastic, and where you don’t paint the Land Raider; the Land Raider paints YOU! Which, on occation, it probably will…

Next time

Probably an insight in the process of shaping the Terminators seen last time. Also, I’m thinking of a new game review. Time will show.

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!

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2 responses to “Painting: Land Raider Crusader – Part 5

  • UTK

    “Super secret metal wash” so… Devlan Mud. ;p Over at a wargaming forum I frequent Devlan Mud’s some sort of lesser warp deity the amount of praise it gets. The Land Raider interior’s looking great.

    • Tejech

      Ahem, my “ultra secret metal wash” is a MIX, thank you very much, and Devlan Mud is NOT in it! It was concieved long before the new line of washes was even a CONCEPT! In fact, if you must know, it’s an old family recipy that dates back many GENERATIONS!

      Okay, maybe not, but it isn’t Devlan Mud. 😉 Thanks for the praise!

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