Painting: Land Raider Crusader – Part 6

Maybe not my most extensive update, the changes to the Land Raider interior are still significant enough to warrant a new painting post.

I've rarely been more happy with the general detailwork

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Since last time

To be honest, it’s actually been a while since I completed this painting session, but a somewhat hectic schedule has kept me from posting. That, and the fact that I wanted to finish the book review of Prospero Burns first, so that the recent post history of WBaB wouldn’t just be a long list alternating between painting and modelling. But enough of all that, let’s just take a quick peek at what’s new, shall we?

How did I do that?

Okay, so the right interior side is finally finished, along with the engine and ramp parts. Well, almost finished, I still plan to attach some boltguns to the rack on the right interior piece. Also, a couple of screens are to be gloss-varnished, I didn’t want to do this before the fotoshoot considering that the light reflections would obscure the details. When it comes to the painting, all the metal parts have been washed, but only the engine parts were left that way. This is just to make the them look realisticly dirty. The rest was drybrushed Chainmail, except the skulls and smaller details; these were overbrushed Mithril Silver. I’m really happy with the small lenses/lamps on the engine control panel (especially the blue one), as I think the highlight blending gave just the right look. My purity seals/parchments are also improving, these were started with Bestial Brown and so more and more Bleached Bone was added to the mix. The data on the information screen was carefully drawn in with Scorpion Green and Sunburst Yellow.

When it comes to the freehand on the display (see picture number 2) I gave the top of the mountain a distinct shade with some heavily watered down Black Ink. This made a nice contrast to the light blue sky. The blue is Ultramarines Blue, mixed with increasing amounts of Skull White as it gets closer to the mountain. The ground was highlighted with a mix of Dark Flesh and Bestial Brown until the bottom was pure Bestial Brown (with a little Bleached Bone). The lower ramp was included in the main picture simply to show that the red and green lamps are ready, the green lamp flashing to indicate that the ramp is opening and it’s about time to start the killing.

Basic tips n’ tricks

To illustrate perspective depth in landscapes when doing freehand, remember that the ground gets lighter the closer to the observer it is, while it’s the other way around with the sky. The lenses, no matter the colour, are created starting with a fairly dark version of the colour, then blend in a somewhat lighter version diagonally upwards in the direction of your choise. Then add a line of a much lighter version of the colour in the bottom corner, and, to finish, add a tiny dot (or two) of Skull White in the opposite to illustrate reflection.

Next time

Not quite sure actually. I’ll be working on the Land Raider, of course, but there’ll probably be a game review or something before that. Also, a new Marine should soon be added to the model gallery. Stay tuned!

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!

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