Model gallery

Slideshow of the finished models

Sorry about the white text disappearing in the images (if you are using Internet Explorer). I can do nothing but recommend the use of a different browser.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!

6 responses to “Model gallery

  • Paul

    I am loving the dynamic posing! great stuff! One thing that you may want to do, is a slight wash of a darker shade if you want to put blood on the weapons. Paint your red, then give it a wash just for a bit of depth. Other than that, looking good!

    • Tejech

      Thanks a lot for both commenting, subscribing and your advice! You’ll see the progress of “blood skill” from bottom to top here in the gallery (fairly ketchup-looking on the Dark Elves, I know), but some more depth is always welcome. Maybe Flesh Wash?

  • Blackpearl

    I’m impressed, your work is amazing! You are truly talented.

    • Tejech

      Thanks a lot! And congrats, you have the first comment on the blog! Aside from spam… 😉 You paint yourself?

      • Blackpearl

        I don’t paint, nor am I interested in miniature figures. I accidentally came across your blog and found myself reading along and actually enjoying it. So keep up the good work;)

        • Tejech

          Heh, I find it somewhat fitting, as I only developed a taste for blogging after starting by accident! Or so to speak, it started off as a university project, and I decided it would either be this or one-sentence film-reviews. Go figure.

          Now I aim for the day that Games-Workshop will pay me obscene amounts of money for spreading propaganda and thereby attract potential customers like yourself…ah, caught myself day-dreaming there, never mind! But I’m glad you like it!

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