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Creative modelling

Converting your models, or “creative modelling”, as I like to call it, doesn’t need to be all that complicated.


Here is a couple of examples of how creative thinking and a little careful modification can help personalise your army.

The Templar on the first two images is being handed a new missile for his launcher by the robotic arm attached to his backpack. Normally the arm is in a retracted position, so I had to, very carefully, cut it in half at the middle joint, making sure to follow the curve of the joint. Gluing it back together was easy, and a spare missile was placed into the hand of the marine. The arm I used is the type that usually supports a bolter, or a similar weapon. The thing that pleases me the most is that the robotic arm doesn’t actually look like it’s been modified in any way. It just looks natural.

The strap holding the bolter on the back of the bike, seen in the next two images, is actually just a tiny plastic lace. A strip was cut from a small, medium thick, plastic bag, and simply glued onto the bike in two positions. The bolter is not actually loose, by the way, it was also glued to the bike.

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