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Here are the candidates

I’ve got an entire army impatiently awaiting some layers of paint. Here is a selection.

Now that the new Model Gallery is up and running, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you some of the models that will one day get there.

Notice in particular the Necron Lord: The “lightning sparks” in his hand were made by attaching some of those tiny metal pieces that you have to remove from most metal models. They are most likely to be painted white, hopefully it will look good! 

The body of the Necron Wraith was bent carefully to achieve the curled snake-look it has now. Be extremely cautious when doing similar modifications, those metal models are annoyingly frail.

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!

The progress of painting

I thought I’d show you some pictures of the progress I’ll be aiming at in future posts.

Of course, there will be a lot more details from the assembly and painting process itself in future posts, but it’s always nice to compare “before and after”. The finished models will all be available to admire (ego alert!) in a designated category here on this site. I will also soon be publishing more pictures of previously finished masterpieces…

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!

And we’re off!

Some of my previously finished models engaging in an assault

Finally the time has come. The funds gathered through years of agonising labour (and the occational lawn-mowing) has finally paid off. Paid off in the form of a respectable amount of plastic and metal miniatures, to build not one, but two Warhammer 40 000 armies. The proud and zealous Black Templars and the sinister metallic army of the Necrons are both about to get just a little stronger.

This is pretty much what I got:
Black Templars
Commander, The Emperor’s Champion, High Marshal Helbrecht, Terminator Chaplain, Command Squad, Terminators Close Combat Squad, Black Templars Venerable Dreadnought (Forgeworld!), Space Marine Battleforce, Space Marine Combat Squad, Scout Squad, Devastator Squad, Land Speeder, 2x Space Marine Bikes, Land Raider Crusader, Black Templar Chapter Upgrade.

The Nightbringer, Necron Lord, Pariah (just one so far), 3x Immortal, 3x Flayed ones (6 models), Warriors Squad, Necron Battleforce, Wraith, Destroyer, 2x Tomb Spyder, 2x Heavy Destroyer, Monolith.

Not bad, but I still need some more transport and heavy support for the Templars and more elites for the Necrons.

Comments in both English and Norwegian are appreciated!